(I’m having my finals, I’m sorry I haven’t posted anything in a while but.. I’ll be back!)

Anonymous: aww you are really cute and beautiful

Thank you, you lovely human being ^.^

Anonymous: Ik wil wel langskomen en een tent maken. Klinkt heerlijk. Wacht nog even tot ik men rijbewijs heb en we eerst die rit hebben gedaan die ik je beloofd had.

Dit klinkt vaag bekend, heel vaag wel. Ik ga nergens heen.

Anonymous: I want your hair so bad ugh 😩

You can have it. Take it all!

Anonymous: Wow you're stunning ♡

Awhh, thank you! 

can someone just come over, we’ll make a tent out of blankets, drink hot chocolate, watch a movie, cuddle and I’ll fall asleep on your chest and hey I’m lonely do you notice


Hundredth | Sandy, Utah | 3.24.14 @ The Black Lion

By: Briana Percey Photography  

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